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The Foot Print of

A Realtor 


Introduction of "The Footprint of a Realtor"



As author Dr. Ligang Yang said, this book is an anthology based on real estate and environmental protection.


The book embodies the authors’ experiences in the last three decades, especially the past decade as an immigrant, as well as ideas engaged in independent research, and his best wishes for a multi-cultural society and sustainable development.


From diverse horizons, in open mind, and with strokes of arts and sciences, the author shows his analysis of complexity in real estate transactions, real estate brokerage professional norms, as well as the green building in real estate field. He also proposes the results and conclusions of his research on the influences, including property value assessment system, multi-cultural community and market decision-making mechanism on the real estate industry.


“The Footprint of a Realtor”



Release Message




         From the author

         Down to earth experiences and in-depth insights



         To the readers

         Present status of brokerages, the true value of properties, the truth of transactions

         And trends of the market in the real estate field



The publisher’s wish for the book

A true friend of readers to clarify and advise on real estate

The Footprint of

A Realtor

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