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Ligang(Wade) Yang




Dr. Wade Ligang Yang

Dr. Wade Ligang Yang worked nearly 20 years as an environmental engineer. He focuses on the research of habitat economy and sustainable management. Dr. Yang works with Re/Max Imperial Realty Inc., Brokerage, also a manager of Dr.’s Branch. He runs Yang Eco-Living Tech Ltd (YELT) in the construction-related fields too.

He has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry, a Postgraduate certificate in Physical Chemistry, a Master degree in Political Economics, and a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Economics.

Dr. Yang actively supports non-profit organizations, manages the Canadian Chinese Environment Association (CCEA) and East West Orchestra and Choir (EWOC).

Dr. Yang published several works. "The Footprint of a Realtor", which was published in  Canada in 2016, embodies his experiences in the last three decades, especially the past decade as an immigrant, as well as ideas engaged in independent research, and his best wishes for a multi-cultural society and sustainable development.

Nowadays Dr. Yang is engaging in being a green real estate broker. He deeply appreciates the way of researches in the practice, practices in the study. It makes him even more substantial and more dynamic. Nature gives him strength and wisdom. He also uses his own way to prove that he loves everything given by nature. To breath, the academic air, close to the pragmatic people, is the necessary way for him to continuously improve himself.

As Dr. Yang said, Let’s join hands to promote habitat economy not limited to Real Estate Economy in sustainable and healthy development! Let’s get right to it!

Tel. 647-829-1136 I  Fax: 905-305-1133  I

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